My Room (August 2022)


So this is the room in its entirety, this shit took about 2 and half years to set up. Alot of the stuff on the walls was mainly bought on eBay or HMV, the posters and furry pillows atleast. But a lot of the decorations like small paper stickers or A4 bits of paper we're printed by yours truly with some paper and sticker paper on a shitty HP printer lmao.

My original "goal" per say was to try and cover every inch of the room, and I mean it's going really well, but not without some set backs. The main issue is actually getting items to put onto the walls, since i'm a broke ass teenage, I don't have much of an income haha. I wanna get the last few spots filled with posters since they would look nicer, but this leads to my next point. I am a short ass bitch, I cannot for the life of me reach the ceiling, and unless I want to stand on my chair with wheels or pull out the step-ladder, it's not really possible. It also doesn't help that most of the spots with open wall are abover furniture lmao.

The Desk

The desk in my room is probably the place I spend the most time, other than the bed lmao. The desk itself is the best desk i could ever ask for, it's got more than enough room for literally anything, whether thats computing, using a laptop, eating food, fuck i mean i've even been able to stand on it without it just collapsing haha.

The main components I keep on my desk at all times are 3 monitors, small MIDI keyboard for musical use, razer mouse and keyboard since I need a way to control the computer lol, a box copy of ROXIO 2010 to act as a monitor stand for my smallest monitor, Nintendo Switch, pair of logitech speakers I got from my dead dad lmao, Gameboy that's used for LSDJ work, mic arm used to hold my Samson Meteor microphone which I use for anything to do with speaking lol, and a mousepad that lights up but I rarely turn it on since it's obnoxious.

In terms of future plans, I wanna keep the whole three monitor setup, but I wanna get 2 of the same monitor, so i have two 24" monitors on the same VESA stand, so that I can keep items under them aswell as having one of them vertical, since using your mums old 46" TV as a monitor can hurt your eyes after extended viewing haha. I also plan on getting an audio interface for recording, which also ties in to getting an XLR microphone. But these are all very expensive plans so it'll probably take a good 5-10 years lol.

The Bed

Now i'm gonna say one thing to begin this, this bed is the most comfy bed of all time, fuck all that purple mattress shit, fuck all the fake ass memory foam shit, this mattress is an old spring mattress from the 70s but it's amazing lmao. But yeah my bed is pretty chill, you got the fluffy fuckin bed covers and pillow, paw shaped pillow in the corner with a massive 6 foot tall lucario plush on top lmaooo. The lucario was a gift from a friend, and i've got literally nowhere to put it so he chills on the bed pretty much all the time, and before you ask, no, I have not "splooged" on the lucario lmAO, that shit gay ah hell nah.

In addition to the shit on the bed around the bed is crazy too, theres loads of pokemon posters, furry stickers and pillows hung on the wall. Since I think bodypillows are kinda gay, I like to use them as posters since they make good wall art in a room like mine lol. I'm really happy with the bed area of my room, it's the most coziest area i've ever been in, and it's came out exactly how I envisioned.

The Shelf

So the shelf in my room was only just recently purchased, I only got it because I wanted to have a synthesizer rack to put my two synthesizsers on. But actual wooden/metal synth racks go in the 500+ range, and I though that was fucking bullshit. So i just bought a 50 garage shelf that has configurable shelf heights and, well, it's working amazing!

At the bottom i've got all the wires, plugs and cables down there, ready to be plugged in when needed. Shelf number two is for my record player and random items that won't fit anywhere. The 3rd shelf is for the synthesizers, the synths on that shelf consists of a Korg Minilogue xd and an Arturia Minibrute. The 4th shelf mainly holds random shit that I use on a daily basis, such as deodorant, febreeze and clothing like beanies and bracelets. Last but not least is the 5th shelf, on this shelf is where I keep the 10's of plushies I have, there is definitely over 30 plushies just on that one shelf alone, and theres loads more scattered across the room too lol.

The TV Corner Thing

This was a thing that I setup after realising I could utilize the extra desk for a place to play old consoles and games, since I had an old TV from the mid 2000s laying around. I still need to get it fully set up, but once I do, I'll be able to play PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii, Nintendo 64 and Wii U (which will also act as an emulator for other consoles). There's also a server PC inside the desk, which is used as a file server, Minecraft server and a media server, and on some days an IRC-esque chat server.

My future plan for this desk though is to get a mid 2000's windows xp computer set up for that desk, you know, CRT, beige "gaming" computer running windows xp, shitty speakers, the whole lot. Maybe wall mount a TV or something so I can still play games there. I also especially need to get rid of the fucking old ass TV thats here atm, since its so old that it's got screen burn-in, dead pixels and generates an insane amount of heat.

Cube Shelf Thing

The cube shelf is where I keep a bunch of PC components, aswell as my actual computer itself. On top of the cube shelf I keep two computers, one is my current computer that i'm writing this on lol, and the other one is my first ever computer i've owned since 2007. In the actual cube sections of the shelf, i've got a collection of 40 PS2 games that i've collected over the course of 15 years, a shit ton of CDs that i've bought/made, a subwoofer, an old iPod CD player hi-fi thing that my brother got me as a gift lol, a couple beastars books and some random consoles

Nick Wilde "Shrine"

Got a cardboard cutout of him for christmas believe it or not, now I have a shrine of him on my wall. fuck yeah bro lets go.